Forget the Frame: 7 Creative Ways to Display Your Artwork

When it comes to displaying your art in your home, you automatically think of picture frames. Am I right? While frames offer a traditional, clean way to display art, it’s nice to have some variety and make things interesting once in a while. Switch up the look of your artwork in your home with these easy-to-create and fun art displays!

1.Clothes Line

An art-filled clothes line looks best on a wall that has a lot of horizontal space, like a wide wall in the family room or hallway.

To create a clothes line for hanging art, place two nails evenly and a few feet apart on a blank wall, then tie some string or yarn to the nails. Place clothespins evenly along the clothes line and use them to hold your artwork. You can use your favorite color of string and even paint your clothespins to match the decor of your home.

2.On A Wreath

If you have a wreath hanging on your wall or even just sitting on a shelf, you can prop up a small watercolor painting or two on the wreath itself! Adjust twigs and branches of a floral wreath to hold the artwork in place.

3.Washi Tape Gallery Wall

Another fun way to hang art on your walls is with washi tape! Low-tack tape is easy on walls — it isn’t likely to strip the paint off of your walls.

Cut strips of tape a little longer than the width of an art print and attach the tape to the top and bottom of it. Then stick it up on the wall.  You can also cut smaller strips and attach the tape on all four corners of the print.

Washi tape comes in all kinds of colors and patterns, so have fun with it! You can create a whole gallery wall in 30 minutes or less.

4.Art Board

An art board creates a more 3-D way to display art, and it’s easy to rotate the art that is featured on it. This idea takes a bit more time and work, but it’s well worth the effort.

Paint a board in any color you like and decorate it with lettering.  I created this ABC art board for my son as a way to show off his artwork in his own room.  You can make a more sophisticated version of this with your favorite phrase or quote. Attach a couple of hooks to the back and then hang it up on your wall.

5.Art Shelf

If you already have shelves put up in your home, this is by far the easiest and most versatile way to create an art display.

Lean paintings against the wall along the length of your shelf. Layer colors, textures, and sizes by placing paintings in front of others. Artworks on canvas or boards work really well for this, but you can create this look with artwork on paper too.

6.Art Mobile

A fun way to display artwork in the bedroom is to create an art mobile that hangs on the wall above the bed. It gives your artwork another dimension, almost like a sculpture!

To make an art mobile, take a simple wooden dowel and attach a long piece of string to it on either end. This will hold the mobile up on the wall.  Then attach shorter strings down the length of the dowel and use tape to attach small paintings, drawings or prints to the string.


Make use of an item that was already designed to hold paper, but one that we tend to think of in more of a practical sense… the clipboard!

The small holes at the top of the clip are perfect for hanging on a nail on the wall.  Couldn’t be easier than that! Line up clipboards symmetrically along a wall in a line or create a grid with them for a gallery wall. Switch out the artwork as often as you like.