Exciting Winter Photography Tips and Ideas

Winter may not seem like the best time of year to have exciting photoshoots and take gorgeous photos.

In reality, it’s the best season for creating surreal, and dreamy images.

To make the most out of winter photography, take a look at our tips and creative ideas.

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Camera for the Cold Weather

You’re probably already aware that winter can be cold! You have to prepare for that if you are interested in winter photography.

Your camera can work slower in cold weather conditions. Spare batteries for being able to shoot everything you planned, as they rapidly run out.

Also, take a hot beverage with yourself in a thermos. And of course, dress properly, wear the warmest clothes you can. Especially if you are planning to stay put in one place, rather than hiking!

Fingerless gloves can make your task easier because you will be able to adjust your camera settings more easily.

After shooting outdoors, make sure to let your camera to try out. Moist can find it’s way into your lens and the camera body.

Although it doesn’t feel the same as rain, snow can soak your gear as well. Even if it’s not snowing, when you go into a warm place, you can immediately see the moist on your glass.

Don’t pack it immediately, let it dry in a warm (but not too hot) place. This way you can avoid getting camera lens fungus.

These are the base of every other winter photography tips for outdoor ideas.

Use Your Camera Settings for Enhancing Soft Lights

Shooting in snow is a great challenge as a great part of your images is going to be bright and white.

You can overexpose your photos in wintertime. It means that you can let more light into your camera. Open the aperture wider, or use a slow shutter speed.

This way you can reach a soft effect. The soft ambient light works well with overexposing. Also, it looks good in a landscape, when everything is covered in snow.

A fast shutter speed or a small aperture can make your images dark and lose their sparkly atmosphere.

You can also experiment with the white balance settings of your camera. Snowy scenes can turn out magical by modifying the color temperature a little bit.

Have a Winter-Themed Portrait Photoshoot

Winter photography goes hand in hand with warm outfits. Faux fur animal hats are perfect for outdoor photoshoots.

Asking your model to stand in the snow might seem like a bad idea. But if you use the right outfits and props, there is nothing wrong with it. Snow makes your images more fabulous like you were illustrating a storybook.

Portrait photography doesn’t always have to feature fancy dresses and accessories. A cozy outfit can actually make your photos look more heartwarming than a summer portrait.

There are typical accessories you can use. Scarves, hats, hooded coats, gloves, or boots all can be stylish elements of your images.