Octotrip as a product

Octotrip is in the top 1% of funded angel-stage startups worldwide. Introducing a hyper innovative technology that will shake the travel industry to its foundations. It is a mobile technology that combines the travel industry with artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning. Specifically targeted and built towards the needs of business travelers, where convenience and in-depth personalization are key.

“Octotrip brings the travelers finally what they want and need, created and built with vision, craftsmanship and a believe to change the whole industry”.

Join our lifestyle

Our company culture wasn’t just built for the sake of having a culture. It’s based on pure beliefs of our founders, partners and investors. Our “be limitless” vision doesn’t only reflect itself on the business aspect, but also towards our customers. Nothing is impossible, be limitless.

“If you truly get excited by changing one of the biggest industries, where you can have a real impact on the product and be involved in crucial decisions, working at Octotrip is definitely meant for you”.


  • You will be involved in almost every decision with an international award-winning team.
  • Octotrip does not have employees, we are friends.
  • You are not a number, you are able to shape our product.
  • A unique growth opportunity where you will experience a lot more added value and appreciation in comparison with traditional companies.
  • You can enjoy the latest technologies in a hyper innovative startup with a real silicon valley mentality.
  • Stock options in a startup that already has an 8-figure valuation cap.
  • We really believe in putting people first and we will do everything to let you achieve your greatest potential, even if this means you would leave the company.
  • Every month you can win a medal in our team competition, we are pretty good in table tennis…
  • More responsibilities in comparison with traditional companies
  • Exciting learning opportunities within a fast growing team.
  • Whoever said you can’t mix business with pleasure clearly hasn’t worked with us.
  • You will have a budget for training, workshops and conferences.
  • Office in the hippest area of Bangkok with TV, Playstation, Coach, standing desks and shared nice looking rooftop space with beer on tap.
  • Help with relocating if you’re not based in Bangkok
  • Best quality health insurance.
  • The business we are in is very hard and competitive so you if like to be challenged, you are welcome.