6 Show-Stopping Balcony Garden Ideas for Your Small Space

Just because you’re short on outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t create a show-stopping garden. Use these brilliant balcony garden ideas to create an abundance of gorgeous color and texture in a tiny space and on a budget.


For a European look, find terra cotta pots at garage sales — the more chipped and weathered, the better. Fill with coleus, a beautiful annual foliage with red flowers that does well in shade. Geraniums are easy to grow, thrive in pots and create gorgeous foliage and blooms. Create height and depth with vines like jasmine in hanging pots and wire them around doorways. Don’t forget a beautiful outdoor curtain on the doorway to add drama to the space.


For a simple but bold statement, use flowers in a contrasting color to your home. These red and pink geraniums make a strong statement in contrast to the bright blue building. You only need a few. Other flowers that will work well for big color statements include petunias, impatiens, bougainvillea, morning glory.


Sometimes more is better, especially when it’s combined with more and more! Go crazy with succulents and tropicals for this bohemian look with a Mediterranean vibe. Succulents like aloe, Christmas cactus, monstera and sedums will thrive in a protected balcony.

But more doesn’t mean to be thoughtless. Don’t forget to repeat varieties for the ultimate impact. And consider the space outside the balcony for draping and vining plants. Take for instance this sedum, “Burrow’s Tail” — it looks just fabulous used in mass along the edge of this balcony.


There’s never an excuse for not growing plants. Use every inch of space you can find. This tiny windowsill garden has big impact as they’ve allowed the plants to grow up. And they’ve chosen colors that create a colorful contrast to the blue tiled facade of the building.

Consider growing around windows, finding window boxes that attach to railings, and using space in front of front doors, windows, etc., for the ultimate city gardens.


This tiny balcony holds trees and overgrown cactus, geranium and fig. Don’t be limited by size. The gardener here, has created a monochromatic garden in hues that complement instead of contrast the exterior of the building and the result is delightful. Don’t be afraid to pot up small trees and shrubs, and let your plants thrive with fresh pots of soil and regular trimming.


Let the architecture shine with a simple but elegant window box garden. Attach window boxes to a railing or balcony rail for a simple but beautiful garden. Use subtle plants like rosemary, heuchera or hellebore for a simple but sophisticated look. Or choose just one plant for elegant minimalism. Boxwood does well in containers and you can’t go wrong with this classic shrub for an elegant, low-maintenance look.