Manage your business travelers

We’re a pretty cool company, with limitless values. We’re reinventing the way you travel for work through AI.

Take Total Control

Choose to book trips yourself at the sites you know, while still being able to manage everything, or outsource the booking process to our travel experts.

Administrators happy

Administrators gain control without micromanagement. 

Business travelers happy

Travelers are free to book their own trips with our mobile app, within the automated travel policy. 

CFO happy

Define your own automated travel policy in detail or choose a standard one to start saving up to 30% in travel.

Stop Losing Time On Managing Business Travel

Phone calls, e-mails, manual administration. Lose the hassle, get onboarded and guided by our travel experts now and start saving time and money today.

Analyze Your Business Travel

Business travel can be a huge hassle on its own, but analyzing the data to optimize costs and processes can be even a bigger headache. Octotrip collects all the data you need and shows it in one place. By combining data and experience, we can help you optimize your policy and travel expenses.

Automate Your Policy

Your business travelers will book trips via our mobile application. Results will automatically go through your policy, to strive for the 100% policy compliance. No need for e-mails or phone calls to get approvals going, automate your process and save yourself time and money.

“Our company culture is based on the pure beliefs of our founders, partners and investors to change the way we travel. This is what created a unique culture to inspire and help people in limitless ways.”


If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via Messenger or e-mail.

Do you have worldwide coverage?

Yes, we closed worldwide partnerships to get the largest inventory of hotels and flights to our mobile app your business travelers will use.

How does billing work?

We will send you a monthly or yearly invoice based on how many active users you have in your dashboard and your plan. We apply fair billing, so if it’s lower than anticipated, you’ll get a cashback.

Do you offer customer service?

Definitely, we know how things can go with business travel. Our travel experts are available 24/7 for our ‘Standard’ and ‘Plus’ members. We’re available through our in-app chat, Messenger and e-mail.

Can you advise me on a travel policy?

This is a service we offer for our ‘Plus’ members. With our years of experience in travel, we can help set-up a new policy, or optimize your existing policy, to improve efficiency and create more savings for your company.

Where are you based?

We are based in Singapore and Bangkok, but our experience and coverage is worldwide.

How can I get started?

You can start by signing up via, or reach out to us via Messenger or e-mail if you want to schedule a demo.
Current status: fully funded

“Octotrip wants to redefine how we live and work through artificial intelligence and is in the top 1% funded start-ups for its stage worldwide. We’ve achieved this by working together with great investors who share our limitless vision.”