Business travel made easy

Flights, hotels, airport transfers and everything else. All together in one beautiful app, with one easy payment. Launching soon.

Worldwide Coverage

We’ve closed partnerships with the biggest players in the industry, to show you the lowest price – at all times

Pay once

Leave your payment details once, to pay for every trip with one tap

Lowest price

We’ve closed worldwide partnerships, to offer you the lowest price at all times

One Invoice

We know administration is a hassle, so we centralize your complete trip in one invoice

Be Limitless

With everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo

“Our company culture wasn’t just built for the sake of having a culture. It’s based on pure beliefs of our founders, partners and investors. This is what created the Octotrip culture.”

Our limitless vision doesn’t only reflect itself on the business aspect, but also towards our customers. We’re creating a product for you, by combining the existing economy with the sharing economy and creating a beautiful experience around it. Nothing is impossible, we are limitless.

No Hassle

We believe business travel should be easy and spent years creating the perfect user experience.


Everything you need, centralized in one app


Beautiful and simple user experience


Secure credit card details storage


Personal preferences for faster trip selection


Tap once to pay for everything, no hassle